Gateway GL Series

Guglielmo has developed the wireless gateways GL series for all those cases in which the processing capacity in the periphery of the network can bring a relevant value in terms of available services

GL Series Gateways are network gateways capable of managing the authentication of each authorized device that can access the Wi-Fi network

The gateways include a sophisticated encoding systembased on the use of VPN, SSL and RADIUS, which guarantees the security of every single connection, in compliance with the best security standards

GL 100

GL100 is the first network gateway developed by Guglielmo in Italy in 2009...

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GL 100 M

GL100M is a network gateway developed to implement the features of...

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GL 110

GL110 is the evolution of GL100.
GL110 includes all the features...

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GL 200

GL200 is the first rack gateway developed in Italy by Gugliemo in 2011...

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GL 230

GL230 is the evolution of the GL200 product. GL230 implements all the features...

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GL 250

GL250 is a GL2XX series device with carrier grade hardware features...

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GL 500

GL500 is the most powerful gateway in Guglielmo GL series. It is developed on a hardware platform...

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GL 500V

GL500 is the virtual version of Guglielmo's GL gateway series. Developed for VMWare OS...

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