GL 230M

The GL230 GL230 is the evolution of GL200

The GL230 implementation has a higher computational capacity than the previous model, as well as the ability to natively manage data management services and control of retrofit functionality e, such as real-time traffic analysis and dynamic bandwidth allocation


The GL230 is a network gateway developed to implement the features of the LUMEN™ by Guglielmo centralized authentication system in urban or densely populated areas.

The GL200 can be used to authenticate any device that has a LUMEN® by Guglielmo account and also has a sophisticated encoding systembased on the use of VPN, SSL and RADIUS, which guarantees the security of every single connection, in accordance with WISPr recommendations.

Like the entire series, the GL230 is typically used in projects that inherently possess a certain amount of network complexity, so they are delivered by specialized technical personnel.