LUMEN® Wi-Fi Analytics

Turn your Wi-Fi guest usage data into valuable information for a flawless wireless experience

The LUMEN® platform provides a suite of web-based tools for data analysis and system usage statistics. Data are thus transformed into valuable information, which can offer a deep knowledge on the use of the network and to improve the satisfaction of the customer, reducing the user churn rate 

User Analysis

  • Analysis of new and returning users
  • Analysis of users by single day or time interval
  • Analysis by area, city or single location
  • Ability to analyze individual user history
  • Accesso tramite qualsiasi social media o e-mail validata dall'utente

Device Analysis

  • Device analysis by user
  • Device types (e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop)
  • Brand of device
  • Operating system and browser
  • Number of devices by single users

Analisi uso del sistema

  • Analysis of the most popular locations
  • Growth rate by location
  • Historical trends